Thread Conditioner - Unscented

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Thread Conditioner - Unscented
Thread Conditioner - Unscented
Thread Conditioner - Unscented

While we love bath and body products, creating is in our blood.  Dena, our founder,  is a pretty hardcore quilter so an all-natural Thread Conditioner became a must for her handwork.

For generations, sewists and tailors everywhere have been using beeswax as a natural thread conditioner to give them smooth and tangle-free quilting and hand-stitching. It was in your grandmother’s sewing box and, man oh man, was she wise! 

But why condition your thread, you ask?

Thread conditioning makes difficult threads easier to stitch with, by coating them to straighten them, to keep them from tangling, to make them a little smoother, to keep them from fraying and kinking.

Commercial thread conditioners are silicone-based conditioners and that has a negative impact on threads, especially those made from natural fibers.  Silicones don’t allow the natural fibers to “breathe” the way they normally would and tend to trap any moisture content or anything else in the thread that would normally dissipate or fluctuate over time, in different environmental conditions.

Silicones hasten rot in your work.

lather + repeat’s all-natural Thread Conditioner gives you a smooth, tangle-free, sewing experience and strengthens the thread against normal wear and tear, thus holding buttons and beads more securely.

Our portable tins are perfect for your sewing bag!  Just draw the thread along the conditioner, holding the thread against it with your finger or thumb to lightly coat the thread. Next, pull the thread between your thumb and finger to smooth it and remove any static. It’s that easy!