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Scrubbie, The Lip Scrub in Bellini

Lather + Repeat

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Scrubbie, The Lip Scrub in Bellini
Scrubbie, The Lip Scrub in Bellini

The secret to soft, kissable lips at any time?  Scrub them! Our Bellini Scrubbie is a sweet mix of peach, berry, pineapple, fresh cream, and jasmine notes.  It's Sunday brunch every day!

Scrubbie is a sweet, sugary exfoliate that will buff away chapped lips and dryness leaving your skin soft and smooth.  Loaded with butters and lip-loving oils, your pucker will feel nourished, supple, and ready for anything.

Packed with shea and cocoa butter, that are known for moisturizing and conditioning properties, and jojoba oil, which is full of vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, anti-oxidants, and zinc. Add some ingredients to the mix and this little powerhouse of a scrub will keep your lips kissable all year round!

Just smooth the scrub on with your finger, rub away the dryness, remove (wipe it off or our favorite method…lick the sugar off), and follow up with our matching Lip Balm! 

These are perfect for your purse, office, bathroom counter, wherever you can imagine.  Not your car, though, as they’re designed to melt at skin temperatures.

Grab a bunch for gifts, and for yourself!  You won’t want to share. 

Ingredients:  Sugar, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Flavoring, Stevia, Mica

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