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Soothing Floral Bath Soak

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Soothing Floral Bath Soak
Soothing Floral Bath Soak

It’s been a long day and you’ve earned a break.  Take a moment to rejuvenate your tired muscles with this luxurious bath soak.

Scented with a lavender oil and dried botanicals, the blend of Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Baking Soda will quell that tired ache.

Simply pour a few spoonfuls into a warm bath, let the salts dissolve, then sit back and relax. Add one of our soy candles, a nightcap, and some music to complete your evening’s self care.

These luxurious bath salts make incredible gifts!


Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Phthalate-free Fragrance Oil, Dried Rose Petals, Dried Calendula Petals, Dried Lavender

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